Brenda Winstead

Brenda Winstead of Damali Afrikan Wear

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a Damali garment is a motion picture, our client is the star; conscious, confident and comfortable in their own regal spirit, with the world as their stage.

I am a self taught designer. For the past 20 years I have created a collection of clothing for women and men, using “Afrikan” design and textile as the base. The clothing line is called Damali which means beautiful vision.  The design lines are simple and timeless, the fabric is complex. The composition of the fabrics are hand painted, hand woven or hand dyed. The format is collage.

I combine traditional hand woven African fabrics- Ashoke, Mud cloth, Kuba, Adinkra, and Kente with contemporary linens, silks and tapestries. The garments are constructed as a collage of complementary asymmetric sections reminiscent of quilt making. The collage sections are combined with distinctive trademark embroidery.

My travels to numerous countries in West Africa, have given me the privilege of collaborating with artisans who hand dye and weave fabrics exclusively for my designs. I am committed to promoting the timeless and extraordinary talents of these artisans and compensate them fairly for their art. Fair trade is a necessary component to ensure the continuation of traditional art forms in the world.

These collaborations allow me to combine fabrics from different cultures in new ways. I hope the spirits of these great cultures will blend and empower those who wear my garments. Damali represents that spirit. We design for it. We celebrate it.